What’s the Difference Between a Christian Counselor and a Regular Counselor?

Like all professional mental health counselors, Christian counselors must complete rigorous clinical training. This includes:

  • Graduating with a Master’s degree or PhD in counseling or psychology
  • Completing supervised fieldwork and internship hours
  • Passing national exams and state/local licensure requirements
  • Maintaining continuing education credits on the latest best practices

Christian counselors pursue these same educational steps and standards overseen by state licensing boards. There is no separation in degree type or requirements between a “Christian” or secular counselor. All must demonstrate the same core competencies apply in therapy.

Integrating Faith and Spirituality

What sets Christian counselors apart is their ability to also incorporate religious aspects if desired. They have expertise in topics like:

  • Applying scripture
  • Using prayer
  • Discussing God’s role in recovery
  • Linking treatments to belief systems

With client consent, biblical principles can inform perspective on issues and supplement clinical techniques. This facilitates an integrated mind-body-spirit approach.

Potential Benefits of Christian Counseling

Choosing a Christian counselor allows customizing care to align with personal convictions. It also provides:

  • Shared belief system and values between counselor and client
  • Sense of trust and safety discussing faith-related issues
  • Coping strategies leveraging spiritual practices and wisdom
  • Exploration of scripture related to mental health challenges
  • Referrals to faith-based community resources

This can increase confidence in the methods used and help clients apply lessons learned through a meaningful biblical lens.

Discover Christ-Centered Mental Health Care

At Christian Counseling Services of Arizona, our licensed professional counselors integrate psychology and Christianity with skill and nuance. 

We offer evidence-based therapy infused with faith to facilitate healing on every level. Contact us today to experience the difference Christian counseling provides.