Childhood Trauma/Abuse/Neglect

Very few people make it out of childhood unscathed. We were all parented by imperfect people. During the formative years, because of what we experience, we develop negative beliefs about ourselves, coupled with emotions and body sensations. Our brains form connections called neural pathways that will inform our behavior for the rest of our lives and possibly cause us great pain.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Scale is a research based questionnaire that was given to over 17,000 people between 1995-1997 at Kaiser-Permanente in California. The results revealed that the greater number of adverse childhood experiences a person experienced, the higher the likelihood of them experiencing mental illness, addictions, social and educational problems, serious medical concerns and early death. (Provide link).

Thankfully, our brains are malleable and can develop new neural pathways with trauma informed therapy, particularly EMDR. All of our counselors are EMDR trained and able to assist you in healing from childhood trauma.