Divorce is a terrible thing to go through. The divorce rate for born again Christians is statistically identical to non Christians. James 4:1 says that the conflict BETWEEN  people is due to struggles WITHIN them.

We are broken people living in a broken world.  Not all marriages can be saved. I tell my clients that “It does not matter how messed up you are. It matters how teachable you are.” However you cannot save your marriage on your own if your spouse is unwilling to work.

There are some “deal breaking behaviors” that if not successfully addressed,will destroy a marriage. Sexual infidelity, physical and emotional abuse, and addictions are difficult to recover from.

Our therapists will never counsel you to get a divorce or to stay married. We will walk alongside you on your journey, honoring your decision, as God leads you. We will assist you in healing from an unwanted divorce and making sure that whatever issues may have contributed to the demise of the marriage are resolved so that you do not schlep them into your future.