Sadness, grief, and even passing feelings of hopelessness and despair are part of the human condition. Most people experience these from time to time, but they will generally improve in a few days.

Depression becomes a problem when it interferes with your daily  functioning. Feeling lethargic, sad, low energy and finding no interest in things that once brought pleasure are signs of depression. Having no appetite, low libido, and chronic hopelessness are depressive symptoms as well.

As Christians, we are supposed to be filled with “they joy of the Lord”. We are told to “rejoice in all circumstances” and that Jesus came to give us “abundant life”. When we are unable to experience this, we believe that we are weak, bad, or lazy Christians, or we simply do not have enough faith. This thinking makes us more depressed.

Depression can be SITUATIONAL or CHRONIC.

Situational depression occurs when a tragedy or trauma comes into our lives  that we are having difficulty dealing with. We will assist you in reprocessing these events, through EMDR, to bring you peace.

Chronic Depression is longer lasting and does not seem to be connected to a specific event. You may have experienced a “low grade depression” all of your life. It may be genetic in part and may require medication to replenish the “feel good” chemicals in your brain. (It’s ok as a Christian to take medications for issues from  the “neck up”)

Our therapists will be able to discern the cause of your depression and build a treatment plan around how to best assist you.