It has been said, “to be human is to be addicted”. Life is difficult and we are all looking for ways to “feel good”. Some ways are healthier than others. The Scripture says that we are not to be “mastered by or enslaved to anything” (I Cor.6:12)

At times we find ourselves compulsively using a substance or behaving in ways that lack moderation in ways that are destructive. There are many contributors to addiction. Your therapist will help you unpack the roots of your addictive behaviors and plan your treatment plan  around that. We have EMDR protocols specifically designed to treat addiction. You may be referred to a 12 step program such as a AA, SA, CODA, Celebrate Recovery or Him and Them. You may be referred to a psychiatrist for a medication assessment and/or a physician for a physical/blood work. In addition, we may recommend inpatient treatment or an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Regardless of what you are struggling with, you will receive treatment form a Christ-centered holistic perspective.