Biblical Counseling vs. Christian Counseling

I often get clients who are looking for a biblical counselor versus a Christian counselor, and I think there’s a bit of confusion about the difference. Let me explain what I believe sets them apart. See my TikTok video about this, or read on! The Essence of Biblical Counseling Biblical counseling primarily focuses on therapeutic […]

Why Mental Health Tools Fail When Triggered (and How to Actually Create Change)

Why Mental Health Tools Fail When Triggered Perry Emerick (1)

In a recent insightful TikTok video, I explored a common challenge I notice among my counseling clients – difficulty applying coping skills and techniques during distressing moments. I explain how our natural threat responses can limit access to such tools, emphasizing the need for deeper work to create lasting change. Let’s unpack the key points […]

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Therapy: Which Approach is Best?

When considering counseling, one decision is whether to pursue top-down or bottom-up therapeutic techniques. Recently, I outlined perspectives on both in a TikTok video. Below the video, I’ll summarize key points and examine ideal situations for each approach. @perryemerick #christiancounseling #therapy #trauma ♬ original sound – Perry Emerick In the clip, I distinguish between therapy […]

What’s the Difference Between a Christian Counselor and a Regular Counselor?

Like all professional mental health counselors, Christian counselors must complete rigorous clinical training. This includes: Christian counselors pursue these same educational steps and standards overseen by state licensing boards. There is no separation in degree type or requirements between a “Christian” or secular counselor. All must demonstrate the same core competencies apply in therapy. Integrating […]

The Power of Prayer in Counseling Sessions

For many individuals seeking counseling services, faith and prayer can be powerful components of the healing process. Christian counselors recognize the benefits of integrating prayer into sessions when appropriate.