For Sugar Addicts Only – Part I

This article is about grief and loss, about grieving the loss of our friend, companion, and comforter, SUGAR. No matter what anyone tells you about sugar, you know that you can not handle it in any form in your diet. You may be able to handle it at times without bingeing, depending on your state of mind. You know, however, that it is only a matter of time before it has overpowered you and you are in the horrible clenches of that white, grainy, little substance. Sugar consumption begets sugar consumption. The more you eat, the more you want. Is that not the addictive process? If a little is good, a lot must be better. If one Krispy Kreme is good, three are better. If two pieces of See’s candy is great, eight pieces are heavenly.

We have at times been on “diets” where we have temporarily given up sugar. We feel empowered and in control, but in the deep recesses of our minds, we know that as soon as we are “off” the diet, we will eat it again. We convince ourselves that we will then be able to handle it because after all we have done so well on this diet and there is absolutely NO WAY that we will ever gain our weight back. Needless to say, before too long we are back in the grip of our addiction to sugar. I need to mention here that I am not talking about the small amounts of sugar and corn syrup solids in things like ketchup, barbeque sauce, salad dressings, etc. I am referring, in this article to refined carbohydrates. (Cakes, candy, cookies, etc.)

Physiologically speaking, because these refined sugars are so high on the Glycemic Index, they cause a sudden rise in blood sugar, followed by a rapid drop. We become tired, sluggish and irritable, and our bodies tell us that we would feel better if we ingested more sugar. We obey and the cycle repeats itself. Before we know it, we have loaded on the pounds, and eventually become obsessed with trying to avoid the very food that our body craves. How many times have you promised yourself that, “Tomorrow, you will stop eating sugar?” only to be defeated by 10:00 A.M. the next morning. With each failure, our self-contempt increases as we consider ourselves fat, lazy, and undisciplined.

There is only ONE way out. The alcoholic works to become clean and sober and ABSTINENT from all forms of alcohol. We, like the alcoholic, must accept the fact that we must adopt a lifestyle in which we eliminate sugar from our diet. We must become abstinent of sugar and other foods that cause us to crave sugar (potatoes, pasta, white bread, pretzels, chips etc.). I know what you are thinking, “but if I DEPRIVE myself of sugar, aren’t I setting myself up for the big binge?” Absolutely NOT! You are not eliminating sugar for a season or until the diet is over. You are making a major lifestyle change where you have decided that this highly destructive substance has no place in your healthy lifestyle. It’s FOREVER, one day at a time!

Iappeal to you to prayerfully consider eliminating sugar from your diet. Next month we will talk about strategies to accomplish this, the pain involved and the ultimate freedom that can be yours!

This article is by Jennifer Cecil, M.Ed., LPC