Jennifer has had great success in her counseling practice and has touched many lives. Her love for helping people really does make a difference.

Here are a few testimonies endorsing her gifts of counseling and teaching:

Don Durham, Ph.D.
Clinical Director of New Life Clinics of Arizona
Having worked with Jennifer in a variety of settings, I can attest to both her clinical skill and versatility. She is a seasoned and sensitive therapist who responds to a client's needs without being controlled by those needs. She is unafraid to draw on her own experience in life, but does not allow that to become the focal point of the therapy. And finally, her internal compass is truly guided by sensitivity and obedience to Christ. She is a joy to work with.

Al Ells, M.A.
Director of Clergy Care - Founder Samaritan Counseling Center
Three words that describe Jennifer Cecil . . . competent, caring and Christ centered. Jennifer is certainly one of the best therapists in the Valley and is also uncompromisingly Christian in her approach to helping others. Having worked with her for over 13 years I can unequivocally recommend her as a gifted teacher, highly effective marriage and family therapist and a godly woman.

Pastor Jim Porter
Senior Pastor of Apollo Baptist Church
For the past seven years Jennifer Cecil and her gifted counseling services have been a tremendous help to the ministry of Apollo Baptist Church. We have used Jennifer in our annual couples retreat, in women's retreats, and in personal and marital counseling. I believe that Jennifer is unique in that she has a tremendous ability to discern what the real problem is that a person or couple is struggling with and then to give Godly, Biblical counsel in addressing that problem.

Rebecca Grady
Director of Pastoral Care/Recovery Ministry Valley Cathedral
I would highly recommend Jennifer Cecil as a speaker and as a counselor. Jennifer has taught "Communication", "Conflict Resolution", and "How to Affair Proof Your Marriage" at our Premarital Seminars and Marital Enrichment Seminars for the last 4 years. Jennifer is also a facilitator for one of our adult classes on Sundays. Jennifer "hits the nail on the head" when she is speaking. She relates the problems in our lives to a spiritual center. She is transparent and helps the people in the groups feel relaxed and included. She is interactive in her teaching style. At the end of her groups people look forward to signing up for her next group.

Pastor Bill Mautino, M.C.
Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of the Valley
I highly recommend Jennifer Cecil because she is a multitalented counselor as well as an energetic "people person" I am impressed with her abilities to effectively help people on a one-to-one basis as well as facilitate specific groups in resolving difficult issues. She is skillful in guiding these individuals through sensitive challenges that they may be facing, and she successfully brings closure to the satisfaction of her clients. Her application of providing Biblical principles to the practical day to day issues of life makes her a therapist that offers clients sound and balanced judgment. She is also a gifted speaker who articulates her lessons on "lifeskills" in a persuasive and understandable manner. Most people who hear her once, enjoy listening to her speak again and again.

Stephen Arterburn
Founder and Chairman / New Life Ministries
"Jennifer has been a great asset to our Lose it For Life Institute. Her expertise, experience and warm heart have helped hundreds who have sought help and healing through her."