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Overcoming Temptation

I feel sorry for my Friday afternoon clients. About 3:00 P.M., the craving for chocolate and caffeine hits. Last Friday, I was thinking about M&M’s and how great they would taste with a little coffee. I was planning to stop

The North Pole Diet

You have heard of the Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Zone, and Sugar Busters. Let me introduce you to the North Pole Diet. I first heard this term at the LIFL Conference in April 2004. I am sorry

The Calorie: Our Best Friend/Our Worst Enemy

Nutrition 101 gives us some information that we MUST understand and embrace on our road to “weightlessness”. It is as follows: 1. Energy is measured in units called calories. (One calorie is the amount of energy needed to raise 1

Weight-Loss and The “Warrior Spirit” – Part I

I must admit, that after 40 + years of “battling the bulge”, I discourage myself with thoughts such as “I will never lose weight”, “I can lose weight, but I’ll probably gain it all back again”, “If I start this

Weight-Loss and The “Warrior Spirit” – Part II

I was sitting in my favorite fast-food restaurant with my six year-old son, Zachary. He was struggling to open the milk container that came in his happy meal. Overcome with empathy, I offered to help. He said, “No, Mom, I

For Sugar Addicts Only – Part I

This article is about grief and loss, about grieving the loss of our friend, companion, and comforter, SUGAR. No matter what anyone tells you about sugar, you know that you can not handle it in any form in your diet.

For Sugar Addicts Only – Part 2

You have made the decision to eliminate sugar from your life permanently. Great! Now where do you begin? You have already taken an important step in breaking thru denial and acknowledging that sugar is your drug of choice. No matter

Body Mass Index and Decreased Life Expectancy

Dr. Anna Peters and co-investigators (Netherlands Epidemiology and Demography Compression of Morbidity Research Group) discuss findings of research on overweight and obese subjects. The authors found that, compared weight normal-weight subjects, being overweight at 40 years of age reduces life

Eat the Next Meal

Don Durham, PhD, and Clinical Director at Remuda Ranch Center for Eating Disorders frequently advised the residents at the clinic to “eat the next meal”. His counsel was to women who had “acted out” their eating disorder, by binging, purging,

One Awesome Forumula for Portion Control

There is no way that you can eat according to the formula if you do not know the calorie content of the foods that you eat. You will need to purchase a comprehensive calorie counting book to help you. (I