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Fat and The “Be Nice Rule”

The “Be nice rule” is an oppressive rule that we learn early in life. If we are sensitive, easily hurt and have experienced significant emotional pain in our lives, we are a good candidate to adopt this rule as a


We all get discouraged on our journey to be right-weighted. We know what to do but at times lack the motivation to do it. We lose sight of the goal and are hard pressed to think of a reason NOT

Preventing Vacation Disasters

I would like to report that I spent the first week of June in beautiful Coronado Island on vacation with my family, made good food choices, exercised everyday, and maintained my weight. What a testimony, right! WRONG! I was horrified

Deprivation or Denial?

How many times have you heard an overweight person say “I don’t want to go on that diet because then I will feel deprived”? Or “I don’t want to give up sugar because I’ll feel deprived and then binge and

Sugar and Repentance

I am not Catholic. I have never been to an Ash Wednesday service nor had an ash placed on my forehead. I have never given up any thing for Lent, nor given it much thought. I have sometimes gone to


As a seven year old, with brown wavy hair and blue eyes, I remember the day that I stumbled upon my drug of choice. The folks were fighting again. My brother had fled the scene; I was left to comfort

The Nurture-Food Connection

The roots of the nurture-food connection have its origins at the moment of birth when we are delivered to our mother’s breast for nurture. In addition to receiving immunity-building colostrum, we receive the comfort and bonding that tell us that

To Weigh or Not To Weigh?………

There is a controversy in the weight-loss world regarding the practice of weighing everyday. Some experts recommend that weighing every day keeps one accountable and on track, while others say that it contributes to the obsession about weight that overweight

WHEN HUNGER STRIKES – Dealing with that hungry feeling

One of the challenges in our journey to triumph over obesity is dealing with the physical sensation of hunger. True physical hunger is regulated by an area of the brain called the hypothalamus. This small region at the base of

Managing Late-night Food Cravings

According to statistics, overweight folks consume 60 percent of their daily caloric intake after the dinner meal. I have heard from numerous clients that they eat according to their food plan beautifully all day long until night falls. For people